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Who is eligible?

Planned Parenthood WIC serves women and children who live in Orange County, are at nutritional risk, and meet income guidelines, including:*

  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding women up to 1 year after giving birth
  • Non-breastfeeding women up to 6 months after giving birth
  • Infants and children under 5 years old
  • All foster children under 5 years old
  • Women up to six months after a pregnancy loss
  • Single fathers may receive vouchers for eligible infants/children
  • Families living in the U.S. undocumented or who have applied for citizenship (their application or legal status will not be jeopardized in any way).

Military families, foster parents, and grandparents are eligible for WIC benefits and encouraged to apply.

Planned Parenthood WIC is proud to serve our local military families. When calculating your family’s income, WIC looks at you and/or your spouses Basic Pay, as well as certain Pays and Allowances. For example, WIC does not include BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing). Contact us to see if you apply!

For more information, please call 714.973.2411 or email us at [email protected].

*Services provided after qualification acceptance. Families with low-to-medium income and working families may qualify.

Gross Income Guidelines

(Effective July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017)

Family Size** Annual Monthly Bi-Monthly Bi-Weekly Weekly
1 $21,978 $1,832 $916 $846 $423
2 $29,637 $2,470 $1,235 $1,140 $570
3 $37,296 $3,108 $1,554 $1,435 $718
4 $44,955 $3,747 $1,874 $1,730 $865
5 $52,614 $4,385 $2,193 $2,024 $1,012
6 $60,273 $5,023 $2,512 $2,319 $1,160
7 $67,951 $5,663 $2,832 $2,614 $1,307
8 $75,647 $6,304 $3,152 $2,910 $1,455
8+ Add $7,696 per added
family member
Add $642 per added
family member
Add $321 per added
family member
Add $296 per added
family member
Add $148 per added
family member


*Decimals are rounded up to the nearest dollar/cent.

** For WIC’s purposes, pregnant woman should be counted as 2 in a family unit. A woman pregnant with twins should be counted as 3.

Families who qualify for Medi-Cal and food stamps already meet the income qualification for WIC.